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4 Scenarios for Fingerprint Scanner Jewelry Customization

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-04-02

4 scenarios for fingerprint scanner jewelry customization

1. lovers

2. passed away

3. Baby

4. Best Friends

The so-called fingerprint ring is to collect fingerprints, and then use a special process to engrave the fingerprints on the ring, thus forming a unique and exclusive ring imprint, which is romantic and has a beautiful meaning. This innovative design concept is in line with young people's pursuit and love of individuality, and is quite popular in young people's circles. Let's talk about fingerprint rings.
The story of fingerprint scanner rings
According to legend, in the 18th century, the French jeweler "Saint-Prelle" fell in love at first sight with a noblewoman, "Wynne-Julie", but the jeweler's family was poor and the relationship was opposed by Wynne-Julie's family. Later, due to family pressure, Winjulie married a general, and the heartbroken St. Poulle decided to bless Winjulie. When creating a wedding ring for Winjulie and her fiancé, St. Pulle secretly put his fingerprints on the inside of Winjulie's ring.
When her husband died in battle, Julie decided to look for her former lover, St. Pulle, and finally found him in a jewelry store specializing in fingerprint engraving, and they were never separated again. The fingerprint ring, which was full of blessings and deep meaning, was also highly sought after in 18th century France.
Fingerprint Scanner Jewllery
How the fingerprint ring was made
In romantic legends, fingerprints were placed directly on the burnished metal, which was a profound reflection of the heartfelt nature of love.
Modern fingerprint rings are directly fingerprint details on the fingerprint image obtained through a professional fingerprint instrument, the saved fingerprints are given to the artisan, and the fingerprints are presented on the ring after careful carving by the artisan.
Fingerprint rings for couples meanings
Fingerprints scanner  are a unique genetic code for each person, and they also have a unique power. When we sign a commitment agreement, we press our fingerprints on it, so fingerprints symbolize a commitment.
By engraving your fingerprints on the ring wall and giving it to your loved one, when your lover wears a ring with your fingerprints on it, it is like being by her side all the time and is a beautiful guardian of love.
Fingerprints are unique to each person. Fingerprints have a mysterious genetic code, as well as a unique scent and numinous power, and pressing a fingerprint represents a commitment to something. Engraving a fingerprint on a ring represents your unwavering commitment to love. By engraving a fingerprint ring with your fingerprint, the ring takes on the scent, trace and power of your lover, making it unique and, like a traditional seal, a symbol of eternal union and heart-to-heart.
Fingerprint ring is the image of a person's fingerprint engraved on the inside of the ring, to give their loved one, the lover wears a ring with my fingerprint, a kind of always around her, always guarding her, guardianship is the longest confession. He is willing to be a guardian, willing to give her steady happiness, never let his beloved woman suffer a little bit of injury; willing to accompany her to experience the most romantic things together; willing to accompany her to grow old together.
The love conveyed through fingerprints is even more heartwarming. And in terms of quality, fingerprint wedding rings are custom fingerprint wedding rings, so you can choose your own wedding ring material, and the quality of fingerprint wedding rings can be said to be under your complete control.
fingerprint scanner jewelry
The reason why fingerprint rings are more special is because it is impossible for you to find an identical ring in this world, and this is why people prefer fingerprint rings. Fingerprint rings allow you to have a ring that is unique in the world. Fingerprint wedding rings can take on the scent, traces and thoughts of your beloved, reflecting the symbolism of eternal union and heart to heart. A man takes an oath with his fingerprint to incarnate as a guardian god, guarding the woman he loves until death. Give her a fingerprint ring that truly represents your true love and keep her company for the rest of her life.
Baby Footprints
A necklace with a baby's footprint is a great gift for a new mother.
With a cry, the baby finally knocks loudly on the door of life and starts the first step of life. Babies complete this step with their hands and feet. A child's growth is a one-way street, time never goes back and never stops for a moment, and the time parents can really have their children is only a few short years. We can't keep the passing of time, but we can preserve the footprints and collect the precious memories.
fingerprint scanner jewelry
People who have passed away
Place the fingerprints of your departed loved one in a delicate pendant, in time she/he is gone, but he/she is still close to your heart again.
Best Friends
Best friend is your companion when you are sad, is a witness when you are happy, every important moment of your life has her by your side, this amazing BFF emotion makes many girls feel proud and satisfied. And in order to commemorate this wonderful feeling, many girls often buy a pair of girlfriends rings to wear on their fingers, most of them will also engrave some fingerprints on the ring!
Fingerprints are unique to each person, just like there are no two identical leaves in the world, each person's fingerprints are also unique, and engraving fingerprints on a boudoir ring represents the irreplaceable importance of both parties in each other's hearts.
fingerprint scanner jewelry
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