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3D fingerprint doors are widely disabled and identification technology is a development trend

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-02-17

The fingerprint access control system replaces the traditional key with a finger. When using it, simply lay the finger flat on the acquisition window of the fingerprint acquisition instrument to complete the unlocking task. The operation is very simple and avoids other access control systems. Biometric access control, as part of the fingerprint access control system, has a rare advantage.
In recent years, due to the security of biometrics, the application of biometrics in the field of security has been increasing. Fingerprint recognition and access control systems have always been the best partners. The fingerprint recognition feature adds convenience and speed to the access control system, and makes the access control system more secure and reliable. However, in the college entrance examination last year, the highly anticipated test case brought everyone's attention to the security risks in fingerprint recognition technology and saw how artificial fingerprints cheated the fingerprint verification system. Consumers can't help worrying about the fingerprint access control system related to personal and property security.
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The breakthrough achievement of fingerprint access control 3D recognition is the key
In the face of consumer questions and concerns, some manufacturers have indicated to consumers that they do not need to worry too much. The key part of the fingerprint access control system is fingerprint recognition. Whether it is safe or not depends on the maturity of the fingerprint recognition technology. In fact, fingerprint recognition technology can achieve the effect of eliminating artificial fingerprints today. Before consumers choose fingerprint recognition products, it is necessary to understand the general principles of fingerprint recognition technology. Generally speaking, the reason why artificial fingerprint film can fool the fingerprint reader is that this fingerprint meter uses optical fingerprint recognition technology, which starts scanning from the user's finger skin and uses the flat fingerprint image as the standard. Therefore, after the fingerprint pattern is copied by the silicone material, it may be recognized by the optical fingerprint meter as the user's fingerprint. A more "advanced" fingerprint cover can even produce the effect of unevenness of the fingerprint, which is more realistic for the fingerprint device, and then more dangerous for the fingerprint access control system.
Different from the identity verification system that is artificially and systematically supervised in the college entrance examination, the fingerprint access control system is more often in a separate state, so the security requirements for fingerprint recognition technology are higher. In order to meet the user's needs for security of use, some manufacturers have introduced 3D living fingerprint recognition technology and a series of fingerprint access control system solutions. The so-called 3D living fingerprint recognition technology is a fingerprint recognition technology that combines the capacitive sensing recognition principle and living body recognition features. Different from the optical scanning form, 3D recognition is to sense the deep fingerprint information under the epidermis, which can increase the fingerprint recognition rate to more than 97%. It can easily deal with broken or dry fingers, and the efficiency of identity verification can be improved.
Regarding the security issue that users are most concerned about, that is, the artificial fingerprint cover fake problem, the 3D fingerprint biometric recognition is solved by the feature of the biometric sensing. The 3D fingerprint access control system can test biological fingerprints on fingerprints or artificial fingerprints. Artificial fingerprints do not have biological characteristics, so the fingerprint reader will not recognize them, let alone pass the verification system and impersonate others.
3D fingerprint access control system trend is widely used
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Applied to fingerprint access control systems, 3D living fingerprint recognition technology can bring a higher level of security index, which can completely eliminate the fraud of user identity. It is understood that 3D recognition is the current development trend of fingerprint recognition technology, not only because traditional optical fingerprint recognition cannot meet the user's needs for system efficiency and security, but also because the cost of 3D fingerprint products continues to decrease during the development process. While 3D living fingerprint recognition technology is well known to the public, it has also become the fingerprint recognition technology required by fingerprint products of many government agencies. The cost of 3D fingerprint access control systems has decreased with the increasing popularity. 3D fingerprint access control systems are no longer specialized in financial and other fields. More and more communities and office buildings use 3D fingerprint access control systems to implement channel management.
In general enterprises, the function of fingerprint access control system and fingerprint attendance system is equally important, usually fingerprint attendance and access control are performed at the same time. However, some enterprise users tend to attach great importance to attendance and ignore access control functions. In fact, the fingerprint access control system in the enterprise should not be ignored, and there are not a few cases where resigned employees sneak back to the office to steal the company's property. Some are caused by the failure of the administrator to delete the fingerprint records in time, and more are related to the fingerprint film cover. In the prevailing trend of generation of punch cards, fingerprint film sleeves have been almost abused, and punch cards are completed by handing over their fingerprint sleeves to others, which poses a security risk. If fingerprints are held or copied by former employees, then companies using fingerprint access control systems will undoubtedly put their property in a very dangerous position. Only by completely suppressing the existence of artificial fingerprint film covers from the source can this risk factor be offset. From a practical point of view, the user group that the 3D fingerprint access control attendance system can satisfy is very large.
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3D fingerprint access control system eliminates the advantages of artificial fingerprints, no matter what kind of application, it is a very advantageous feature. To create a more complete and rugged 3D fingerprint access control system, it also needs to be combined with applications such as video surveillance. And some manufacturers are considering launching a comprehensive 3D fingerprint access control system with more functions such as video capture and voice intercom. In the future development, the trend of the fingerprint access control system will inevitably be guided by the needs of users, and there will be more fingerprint access control systems with functional and security mergers.
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