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2019 global biometrics market size will exceed $ 20 billion

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

Transparency Market Research analyst firm expects the next five years, the biometric technology market will reach $ 23.3 billion. Recently, Transparency Market Research analysis company expects from 2013 to 2019, the global biometrics market will be an annual growth rate of 20.8%. Biometric technology understandable for the face, voice, signature, iris, fingerprints, palm or other characteristics (such as DNA, etc.) recognition technology. The biometrics market is named global industry analysis, research reports scale, share, growth, trends and prospects indicated that 2013-2019, the global biometrics market will continue to grow. Biometric technology is the most widely used fingerprint recognition. In recent years, the cost drops fingerprint sensor makes this technology on smart phones and tablet computers has greatly increased.


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Applications came in second place is the eye's iris recognition technology. Experts predict that the market size of this area will be in 28.6% annual growth rate, the iris has a very high recognition accuracy is the main reason. There will actively growing field multi-mode biometric technology, which is a combination of human multiple biometric identification technology mix. Biometric technology is the most widely used field transportation, logistics and border checks. In 2012, more than 50% of the biometric market produce from these fields. Analysts stressed that this growth trend will continue into 2019. The new trend is the banking and financial system will actively deploy biometric solutions, and biometric technology market will be the fastest growing area in this period. From the applications, future applications in the field of biometric technology also includes the public sector, defense, consumer electronics, healthcare, property protection, security and retail trade, hotels, car and even computer games. From a regional perspective, the next five years, biometric solutions providers will be most successful in North America, the region will have a 32.1% share of the global biometrics market. At the same time, the fastest growing provider of solutions will come from the Asia-Pacific region, which is the local particularly India, China, Australia, and Japan's economy and actively develop related. From the growth point of view, this region will overtake Europe and the United States. From the point of view of individual biometric providers, analysts believe the company has the potential for development, including Safran Morpho, 3M Cogent, NEC, DigitalPersona and Accu-Time Systems and so on.