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2014 China biological identification industry salon held in Beijing

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

Editor's Note: Biometric achieved by fingerprint, face, iris, veins, voice, gait, handwriting and other personalized features vary the precise identification, in border clearance, resident license, police justice, finance and securities, electronic public safety and access control, time and attendance, schools, hospitals, stadiums, supermarkets and other civilian areas of business, social security benefits, and information networks have been widely used. 
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In order to promote China to establish a business-oriented, market-oriented, a combination of biometric industrial technology innovation system, enhance the core competitiveness of Chinese biometric industry, in 2012 led the creation of biometric automation industry technology innovation strategic alliance After more than a year developing the Union has 49 member units, including the field of biometrics most innovative strength of enterprises and research institutions. Alliance will work to promote Chinese biometric industry technology innovation, standards development, Evaluation and Certification, exchanges and cooperation, promotion, personnel training, to build China's field of biometrics government, industry, academia, research, use, resource win the brand industry platform. 
Chinese biometric industry which excellent product and case? How informed of the latest trends and face recognition technology and applications? How to promote biometric widely used in the financial sector? Biometric industry leader in enterprise have any experience and thinking? Biometric tech enterprises to grow through financing? April 24, 2014 China biological identification industry salon held successfully in Institute of Automation, Intelligent Building, 17th floor café, more than 100 entrepreneurs from the front line of the biometric industry, academia, the investment community, the media representatives Discussion on these important issues