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18 reasons why you have to use a gun safe box|HFSecurity

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-05-26

Why do people have to us gun safes box?

Guns are particularly dangerous for suicide. Currently, 60% of all gun deaths in the United States are suicides.

Unsafely stored guns can also be stolen and used for homicide and other crimes. In 2017, a study by Harvard University and Northeastern University found that gun owners who have not locked their guns are more than twice as likely as those who have stolen guns.

Minors living in unsecured gun houses are very likely to suffer suicide and accidental gun injuries. A recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health found that more than 4 million children live in houses with unlocked weapons. Research with NVISS among teenagers who committed suicide by guns, found that more than 80% of the victims used guns belonging to family members and their parents. Another study found that most of the guns used in school shootings were also from home.

What is the "secure storage" method? (Excerpted from part of the "Guns and America" ​​explainer series)


Security experts recommend using a trigger or cable locking device to secure the spray gun, or lock the spray gun in a cabinet or biometric safe that can only be used by the owner. They also suggested that ammunition stored by gun owners should be stored separately from weapons.


The National Shooting Sports Foundation, a trade organization in the gun industry, recommends that gun owners “absolutely ensure that the guns in your home are stored safely out of the reach of children and other unauthorized persons.” Gun Controlled Proponents do the same. Even the NRA has made recommendations for the safe storage of guns.

However, a 2019 "American Guns and Firearms" Magazine/APM Research/"Call of the Mind" survey found that although more than 60% of gun owners said they were in favor of safe storage of weapons, one in five ``from Don't lock the weapon. A study conducted in 2018 by the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health found that nearly half (46%) of the gun owners surveyed could not safely store their weapons.


Under current federal law, there is no requirement for safe storage of firearms. However, a 2005 law requires that all pistols sold by dealers must be equipped with safe gun safety devices, such as cable locks.

HFSecurity finger lifepod gun safe box

Almost twelve states have laws regarding gun locks or safe storage, but Massachusetts is the only state that usually requires all guns to be secured in locks. In some cases, California, Connecticut, and New York have also imposed this requirement.


According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the firearm suicide rate in Massachusetts in 2018 (1.86 deaths per 100,000 people) was more than three times lower than the national average (7.04 deaths per 100,000 people).


In Oregon, the gun storage bill of 2018 was strongly opposed by gun rights activists, but failed to make progress in the state legislature. If you do not use a gun, you need to use a trigger lock or fix the gun in a locked container.


What is the CAP method? Why is it different?


However, more states have enacted laws aimed at restricting the use of guns by minors at home. These are called "Children's Entry Laws". At least 27 states and Washington, DC have enacted CAP laws in various forms. The strictest regulations impose criminal liability on the possibility of a minor acquiring a firearm stored in negligent use, regardless of whether the minor actually acquired the right to use it (California). At least 14 states and Washington, DC have this strict liability law. The weakest only prohibit certain people, such as parents or guardians, from directly providing guns to minors (Utah).


There are various laws between these extremes, including laws that impose criminal liability on negligent storage of firearms, but they only apply when a child uses a firearm and causes death or serious injury. State-level CAP laws also differ in the definition of "minor". Some states define it as a person under the age of 18, and others define it as a lower person.

What does the research say about safe storage laws and gun violence?

HFSecurity biomeric gun safe box

A landmark study conducted by the University of Washington in 1997 found that in 12 states that had implemented safe storage laws for at least one year, the number of accidental gun deaths among young people fell by 23%. A study published in the American Journal of Public Health in 2015 found that compared with states without similar requirements, the suicide rate in states requiring gun locks was reduced by 68%. A 2019 Harvard University study found that nearly a third of young people's suicide or accidental death can be prevented by requiring guns to be locked while in storage.


A meta-analysis of 18 different gun policies by RAND Corporation in 2020 found that the CAP law has reduced gun suicides and accidental shootings among young people. The RAND team concluded that among the 18 laws reviewed, the CAP law was the most effective.


Most studies focus on the impact of safe storage laws on suicide and accidental firearm deaths. The impact on homicides, non-fatal attacks and shootings is not so great. For example, in the RAND analysis, it found "limited" evidence that the CAP law has any effect on violent crimes, while "uncertain" evidence shows that the CAP law has an impact on mass shootings.


What is a biometric gun box?


Biometric Gun safes are mainly used to prevent unauthorized or unqualified persons from entering for anti-theft protection; in more powerful safes, gun safes are used to protect items from floods, fires or natural disasters. damage. Laws require entry prevention in many places, which requires the use of gun locks, metal gun cabinets or gun safes


A gun safe is a huge investment in storing guns. However, there are many reasons for having a gun safe, and many reasons for not having a gun.

Although the safety of guns ensures the safety of your children, family members, and neighborhoods, and makes you a good citizen, here are the important reasons why you must have.

 HFSecurity finger safe box

The function of the  gun safe box


Gun safes box  may include other security features such as fire or water resistance, password locks, digital locks, and fingerprint recognition.

Many types of safes provide electronic locks and mechanical locks. Mechanical locks have the highest reliability, although opening mechanical locks is usually more time-consuming compared to electronic locks. Some mechanical combination locks also have a key lock, which prevents the dial of the combination lock from rotating, thereby preventing anyone who has physical contact with the safe from trying multiple combinations to unlock the safe at will.


Some safes use movable locking bolt technology and tamper-resistant metal to ensure that their contents are protected from forced entry. Some safes only provide protection to prevent crushing and robbery and accidental entry of young family members in or in the home, while other safes provide additional protection against fires, floods and other natural disasters.

The safe door can be used to create a walk-in gun safe or vault in a dedicated room, or to create a firearms vault at home. Such rooms are sometimes used as dual-purpose firearms safes or panic rooms, and even as special shelters in the event of tornadoes or hurricanes.


Gun safes (furniture safes) with carved wood exteriors are mainly used for decorative purposes, similar to old gun cabinets used to display weapons in the past. Wood veneer and thicker tempered glass may be included in the design function.  Sometimes a false wall with a hinge is used at one end of the closet to hide the gun safe, although only installing the gun safe in an existing。

DUnder the bed and headboard, in the wall joints, there are cabinets in the vehicle, and there are bedside cabinets in the stickers. These are the places where we often store guns, because there are different types of gun safes. However, various locksmiths and independent researchers have found that most of them, especially pistol safes, are not suitable for storing guns, and it is best to avoid them.


Gun safes in various countries


  • Australia


All Australian states require guns to be locked in steel cabinets or safes, although Class A and Class B weapons in all states except Western Australia allow the use of "impermeable" wooden safes. In most states, the law states that ammunition (and bolts, if easily removed) must be stored in a separate safe or in a separate locked part of the safe. The law requires that the safe be bolted to the wall or floor (except in most states, except for safes with a mass greater than 150 kg). In addition, Western Australian shooters must have a double lock on their safe if the swing edge of the door is greater than 500 mm and less than 1500 mm. Safes with swing edges greater than 1500 mm require additional locks. The police can inspect storage facilities before issuing permits and will conduct random inspections to ensure compliance with the law. The Sports Shooting Association in Australia recognizes this policy, its "Protect your gun, protect your sport" activities to increase gun safety and prevent theft.


When transporting guns in vehicles of different states, the requirements will be different. Most require that the gun be hidden and locked to prevent unauthorized personnel from easily reaching it. The gun must be unloaded and the ammunition transported to another part of the car.


  • Ireland


Anyone who applies for or renews a gun permit in Ireland must install a gun safe in their home. This is a law enacted under the Firearms (Safe Accommodation) Regulations 2009. The safe must be tested in accordance with the British standard BS7558. For those with more than 3 guns, other requirements are needed, including monitored alarms.


  • United Kingdom


Many firearms safes sold in the UK have been tested by BS BS7558/92 (British Firearms Safe Standard). The British Home Office recommends that new cabinets meet this standard. Glass safety cabinets are legal in the United Kingdom, provided that the safety glass meets the requirements of BS5544 and does not have more weaknesses than all-steel cabinets.

If citizens do not own a gun safe, please follow the "safe storage" regulations to remove the launch mechanism from the gun and store it in a safe container. Then you are asked to lock the rest of the gun.


  • United States


Certain gun safes in the United States have passed tests by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The at least strictly UL certified safes are designated as Residential Safety Containers (RSC) in the standard UL 1037. RSC certification requires the use of tools no more than 3 pounds, including screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, pry bars, punches, chisels, and hammers, for a five-minute safe resistance against the experts.

HFSecurity gun safe box for usa

Reasons to own a gun safe
I have summarized some of the most critical reasons for buying a gun safe. You may never think that they are really important.
1. Protect your guns from theft
Probably the most obvious reason is to ensure that guns are protected against theft. According to reports, thieves/intruders steal guns from home and use them in various criminal activities. In addition, although your gun is a source of protection, it is also a valuable investment and you cannot afford to lose it. . Especially if you have a collection of guns, it will be very sad.
The gun safe is not just a case. It has advanced features such as biometric identification, sturdy steel structure and secure locking system. These are unbreakable metal boxes, a thief cannot steal anything inside.
2. Keep guns out of children's influence
Hundreds of thousands of children have been killed just because of poor storage of guns at home. As a caring parent, your first priority must be the safety of your children. You must prohibit them from using guns, the only way is through the gun safe. The children are naughty, they sneak into every corner of the house. Even if you think you have hidden your gun in the safest place in your house, it is still a risky choice.
A gun safe not only keeps the gun safe, but also eliminates all possible opportunities for your child or any other house member to obtain a weapon.
3. Fire prevention
You never know about the accident. When you deposit cash in a bank to protect it from robbers, you must treat it as valuable property and ensure it is protected from destructive events such as fires. damage. Some of the best gun safes, especially those offered by Winchester, have a fire resistance of up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.
4. Quick access to your guns
Hiding the gun somewhere in the house and then reaching for it in an emergency may be risky. You never know when a thief breaks into your house. Eagerness is not the solution to this situation. You must be able to use weapons quickly. This is where the gun safe can be saved. Since you lock the gun firmly in the safe, only you can use it, so the safe can be placed anywhere in the house. Most gun safes can be opened in a few seconds. Just enter the security code or verify biometrics to gain access.
Compared with those who do not have a gun safe, those who have a gun safe can use their weapons faster in an emergency.

 HFSecurity biometric gun safe box

5. Protect valuables

Although the gun safe is made for guns, you can also store other important items such as important documents, cash, jewelry, and keys. It can protect them from theft and fire. Even the smallest gun safe has enough space to store other items. The most common is that people store their gold, silver, financial assets, bonds, stock certificates, passports, photos, birth certificates, tax records and jewelry.


6. Comply with the Prevention of Children's Entry Law

To prevent children from using guns, a number of laws have been enacted. The "Children's Entry Prevention Act." document is one of them. According to laws and regulations, "Gun supporters must keep the guns in a safe state". Children like gun safes cannot access them.” Well, this not only prevents children from accessing your weapons, it also protects other children from accessing them. Your house.

Just make sure that your child does not sneak on you when unlocking it ;


7. To protect gun ownership

In fact, you may be prosecuted for mishandling a gun. In the event of an accident, the situation is even worse. Locking your gun correctly in the gun safe not only makes you a good citizen, but also a responsible gun owner. You must do your best to avoid falling into state law due to bad safety habits. Gun safes are usually a long-term investment and worth it.


8. Requirements of insurance companies

Most insurance companies require that your firearm be stored in a safe firearm in order to cover it completely. Although you can put them in any locker, it is best to keep them in a certified safe, especially a safe with an alarm. When you provide security certifications to insurance companies, they can quickly recover losses if they are lost or stolen. damage.

HFSecurity finger box safe box

9. Avoid litigation

If a thief or intruder steals your gun and engages in criminal activities, you may be prosecuted. You will have no idea what is happening with your gun, and the authorities may follow you, but a gun safe can protect you from such accidents. Since the safe is drilled in the floor or wall, it is almost impossible for a thief to destroy it, so you will be completely immune from any false lawsuits.

It also indicates to the law that if you own a gun, you are also responsible for the proper safety of the gun.


10. Comply with gun lock device laws

Most states in the United States require you to lock your guns in a safe place. The best way is to buy a certified gun safe and store it in the gun. Even if you have no children in your home, you must abide by the gun lock device laws to maximize the safety of people around you.


11. You can get insurance discounts

Well, this may be surprising, but in fact there is a discount for owning a gun safe. Call your insurance company or consult your agent if there are any discounts. Discounts are usually provided for real safety, safety measures, fire safety and simple gun safety, but this is not obvious and you should check before buying gun safety. The requirements may exceed your average gun safety. Don't spend a lot of money on gun safes that won't bring insurance discounts.


12. Lawyer protection

In the case of insurance claims disputes and legal circumstances, a gun safe may provide protection. Although it is almost impossible for a thief to rob, even if he can do so, you can always explain to the legislator that you have taken the necessary security measures. In every 13 forced entry thefts, there is approximately 1 person who broke into your house without damaging evidence. According to the laws of your state, the police may say that there is no evidence of illegal entry and that you have properly locked your gun in any such situation.


13. They look attractive

Gun safe is a kind of safety equipment, it is used to protect the safety of guns, not to decorate the house, but when we install the gun safe on the floor or wall, they also seem to be very good. Almost all gun safes come with pre-drilled holes that can be used to easily install them . Usually, gun safes are painted with shiny paint and shiny gilded hardware that looks attractive.


14. Carry concealedly

In the United States, different states have different laws-for example, how each state keeps guns in vehicles. They can question where you are allowed to park with a gun in the car. Even if you have all the legal requirements for hidden weapons, there are still risks. However, with a portable gun safe, you can always carry it with you because you can follow the rules correctly.

HFSecurity HP004 Fingerp gun safe box

15. Tax refund

If you buy a gun safe, many states in the United States provide tax credits. New Jersey, Washington, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Connecticut provide concessions that are exempt from sales tax.


Similarly, rebates in some cities, such as Northglenn, Colorado, provide incentives to purchase gun safes.

In addition, if tax documents and business documents are kept in a fireproof safe, they can be written off.

Similarly, the firearm safe in Florida will also be written off. It is best to consult your accountant before purchasing an accountant.


16. Make you a responsible citizen

According to what we said above, if you have a gun replacement, it can show that you are a good and responsible citizen of the country. He clearly knows how to protect guns from children and intruders. This is not only an investment in metal boxes, but also your personal role. investment.


17. Protect your rights

Yes it is! The gun safe protects your rights. Anti-gun political groups say that guns are harmful to anyone's touch. They are a threat to public safety. To eliminate the threat, all guns must be dismantled. In addition, these groups also say that even law-abiding gun owners are irresponsible and even evil.


In order to further increase firepower, these groups will convey their own messages in the event of any accident or tragedy involving guns, especially those unprotected guns.

In order to protect your rights, you must have a gun safe and avoid being the target of such anti-gun groups.


18. Worth investment!

Most importantly, the investment in gun safes is long-term and it is worth it.It can provide the best protection for firearms, prevent unauthorized use of firearms, and prevent thieves from stealing and sabotage. You can store all your valuables together with your guns in a safe, and worry-free all day long.

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