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Smart Ecological Application Scenarios

Wisdom system is mainly based on the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, three-dimensional GIS, panoramic images, VR/AR and other information technology as a means to integrate all subsystems in the region physically, logically and functionally in one, which belongs to the category of information system integration. It is controlled by the most basic computer network, including the integration of computer software, hardware, operating system, database, network communication, and sensing equipment. The ultimate goal is to realize the informationization, intelligence and wisdom of hardware and software facilities, the authenticity and effectiveness of information transmission, the science and efficiency of operation and management, thus improving the level of public services, the innovation, sustainability and orderliness of regional economic development, and making the whole habitat environment like a wise person, with more perfect perception, cognition, learning, growth, innovation, decision making, regulation and behavior consciousness, so that the majority of people will be able to make a better living environment. ability and behavior awareness, so that the vast majority of people can enjoy the services and applications of intelligent systems
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Introduction to intelligent security systems
In simple terms, intelligent security systems can be understood as the transmission and storage of images, data storage and processing of accurate and selective operation of the technology system, and a complete intelligent security system mainly includes access control, alarm and monitoring three parts; and traditional security is the biggest difference is intelligent, because intelligent security can achieve intelligent judgment through the machine, so as to achieve what people want to do; and traditional Security is more dependent on people, very labor-intensive.
The principle of intelligent security systems
Intelligent security system is used to maintain security, management system; security system is the use of security products and other related products constitute an integrated system of equipment, from the existing brand, multi-modal, multi-device prevention system to collect all the data affecting the management, and provide data extraction, data analysis, decision support, business applications, etc.
Security management system through the visualization, graphical user interface, presenting the site conditions, status information, equipment, etc., to strengthen situational awareness, can be found in advance of potential threats, to help users make better decisions, and through the device linkage team to respond to emergencies and emergencies in a timely manner, thereby reducing the likelihood of events and hazards.
Intelligent Security System Features
1.The intelligent security system fully considers the convenience of the villa owner's use. When the owner goes home, in order to avoid entering the home alarm, he can dial a number or send SMS to achieve telephone disarming by cell phone, and within the set time, the villa intelligent security system will automatically start arming. The villa intelligent security system can be intelligent video alarm, local sound and light alarm, local site shouting, telephone SMS notification, remote site supervision, etc.
2、Anti-theft system
Intelligent access control and infrared curtain equipment, intelligent access control is mainly to prevent the illegal opening of the door, the device automatically alarm and send SMS or call or send WeChat to remind the owner. The role of infrared curtain is when encountering illegal drilling windows into the room, the window automatically closes and alarm notification to the owner.
3、Fire prevention, air leakage, weatherproof
Through the device detection of indoor smoke concentration, gas leaks, when the wind and rain outside, the system automatically alarm and the corresponding emergency measures, intelligent detection equipment will be based on the detected data in accordance with the pre-designed program to implement the action. For example, open windows, close windows and so on.
4、Intelligent flower and pet raising system
Intelligent watering system automatically waters according to the water content of the soil. When the pet is hungry and shouts to the intelligent device, the owner feeds and waters remotely.
Smart Ecological Application Scenarios
Entrance/exit control system
Entrance/exit control system is commonly known as access control system. The entrance/exit control system adopts modern electronic technology and information technology, and is an intelligent system to control the entrance/exit target of the building. The use of the system can improve the efficiency and security of the entrance and exit management. Therefore, its development and application must meet the authorization management requirements for access targets, complete access level settings for access targets, access behavior identification for access targets, control and record of the number of times access targets can be accessed, and have the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
With the rapid development of induction card technology, biometric identification technology in recent years, the modern entrance and exit control system has also been the traditional mechanical door lock, electronic magnetic card lock, electronic password lock to the more advanced induction card access control system, finger (palm) access control system, iris access control system, facial recognition access control system and other systems, and technical performance is becoming increasingly mature, its security, convenience The technical performance is becoming more and more mature, its security, convenience, ease of management and other aspects of their respective strengths, is the entrance and exit control system has been more and more widely used.
Common access control systems are: password access control system, card access control system, biometric access control system.
Password access control system: By entering the password, the system determines that the password is correct to drive the electric lock, open the door and let go. Advantages: Only need to remember the password, no need to carry other media. Lowest cost. Disadvantages: slow, enter the password generally need to media in hyper seconds ~ such as the nest in and out of too many people need to queue. If you make a mistake, you have to re-enter it, which takes longer. Security strikes the newcomers to the Ben Zhejian Chui Jing pain hunting sheep Qie tip to argue owe Mi code, the password is easy to forget or leak. The trend of password access control is used less and less occasions, only in the security requirements of low, low cost, infrequent occasions are still in use.
Swipe card access control system: According to the type of card is divided into contact card access control system and non-contact card access control system. Contact card access control system due to contact but the card is easy to wear, the number of uses is not much, the card is easy to lose ring, etc., the scope of use has been less and less, only in and bank card-related occasions are used. Non-contact IC card, Zuizi Kei canon resistance cost-effective, fast reading speed, security and other advantages is the mainstream of the current access control system. Therefore, the current many people on the contactless iC card access control system is referred to as the access control system.
Biometric access control system ... according to the different biometric characteristics of the human body to identify the identity of the access control system. Commonly there are fingerprint access control system (each person's fingerprint strand characteristics there is variability), palm instrument access control system (each person's palm bone shape recommended in the variability) iris access control system (each person's retina to discuss the optical sweep insert there is variability) portrait recognition access control system (each person's five senses characteristics and location not tube wide, etc.).
The advantages of car and object know how access control system ∵ no need to carry cards and other media, less chance of duplication, not easy to be copied, high security. Disadvantages Cost. Since biometric identification requires the comparison of many parameters and features, the comparison speed is slow. It is not suitable for the situation where there are too many people. The biometric features of human body will change with the environment and time. 
Smart Ecological Application Scenarios
The development trend of intelligent security systems
The 21st century is the age of information, networks, microelectronics, optoelectronics, communications and other high-tech rapid development, security systems also with the wave of development of information technology and the entire information industry, the original analog products gradually transition to digital, networked, intelligent monitoring products. At the same time, the improvement of people's living standards, the concept of prevention from the previous enterprises and institutions, expanded to the home user. More and more families have installed door magnets, infrared, smoke detection and other fire and theft prevention equipment, the realization of intelligent home security system has become an inevitable trend
Intelligent system product configuration
Exit control intelligent security system introduction
The system consists of gates (three roller gate, wing gate, pendulum gate, speed gate, full height gate, vehicle road gate, license plate recognition) self-help machine and supporting equipment, etc., distinguished by materials 201/304, 316. The system is suitable for intelligent human channel, intelligent scenic ticket checkout, intelligent parking lot, ladder control access control management
Main components
Gate main body; three roller gate, wing gate, pendulum gate, speed gate, full height gate,
Double gate controller; can manage gate two-way access (with access control management software, registration, visitor level, equipment management, system query and other functions)
Face machine: (optional) RA08, FR07 and other series
Embedded card swiper: integrated in the gate machine swipe card access
IC card transmitter: USB power and data communication, can read and write MF1 card sector any password and data
Note: Wing gate and speed gate default with infrared induction, three roller gate does not have infrared function to open the gate way can choose to swipe the card into the button out
Product advantages
  1. Integrity, customization, intelligence, integrated management
  2. Intelligent equipment in intelligent access control system overall solutions and project implementation
  3. Software and hardware combination, system integration
  4. Use of Internet of Things technology to achieve monitoring, detection, independent control functions
  5. Convenient operation
  6. Flexible and convenient system use, access control management software with, registration, visitor level, device management, system queries and other functions, automatic generation of reports and archives
  7. Flexible configuration
  8. Face machine, palm vein, fingerprint, two-dimensional code, swipe card, etc. can be configured flexibly according to customer needs.
  9. License plate recognition solution
  10. Intelligent vehicle management system is an integrated intelligent solution solution platform for parking lot vehicle fast access, identification license plate convenient payment (supporting software) intelligent high-definition camera success rate of more than 96% (has been installed in Thailand, Laos, Malawi, Tanzania, South Africa, Congo, Ethiopia one after another to use) can accurately identify all kinds of vehicle information, for each vehicle type to provide real-time Management, strict records of its entry and exit time, and all relevant information will be saved in the server database, effective, accurate monitoring and management of all vehicles entering and leaving the parking gates and monitoring parking lot vehicle information
Performance parameters
  1. Intelligent license plate recognition all-in-one machine (also can choose split design, external camera of road gate)
  2. Industrial grade components, pure metal housing, sealed structure
  3. Four-line LED display
  4. Display content can be customized: license plate information, charge amount, welcome message
  5. Panel made of tempered glass, beautiful and durable
  6. Professional outdoor coating surface, waterproof, moisture-proof, sun-proof, anti-corrosion
  7. Various LED colors and display effects are optional
  8. (Various housing colors are available) Standard gold, blue and other Pantone colors can be customized)
  9. Built-in high-performance industrial-grade power supply
  10. Built-in high level top industrial grade LED control circuit
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