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SafeEntry Facial Recognition Temperature Measurement Solution in Singapore

SafeEntry Facial Recognition Temperature Measurement Solution in Singapore

What is SafeEntry?

SafeEntry is a nationwide digital check-in system developed by the GovTech government in Singapore, which is used to record when an individual enters a venue.
The system captures detailed information, allowing contact trackers to quickly locate close contacts of infected cases. Individuals scan a QR code on their mobile device and record details such as their name, ID/FIN and cell phone number.
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If there is a confirmed case at that location, the information from SafeEntry can be used to expedite contact tracing, which in turn helps prevent the formation of new clusters.

Where is SafeEntry used?

SafeEntry will be widely deployed in Singapore, particularly in locations with high risk of non-transitory exposure, such as workplaces, shopping malls and supermarkets.
From April 23, 2020, the Singapore government started to implement SafeEntry in a high-traffic area, infrastructure premises and specific government-selected premises. As safeentry continues to grow, the use of safeentry will be extended to all businesses from May 12, 2020. Nationwide recording of employee and visitor access
SafeEntry is not mandatory in areas of temporary population movement such as MRT stations and parks. However, the public is still encouraged to scan the QR codes posted to help track contacts.
A full list of TT-only SE sites can be found here.
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SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW) needs to be deployed at more venues

Starting June 15, 2021, more venues that are open to the public and where people may be exposed for extended periods of time, such as restaurants, hotels, and sports and fitness centers, will need to deploy SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW) to facilitate SE check-in and help users check the validity of their TT tokens. A complete list of locations required to deploy SEGW can be found here.
SafeEntry is the name of the national digital visitor registration system that records details and contact information for individuals visiting hotspots, workplaces of approved businesses, and selected public sites to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19.
Effective May 17, 2021, the contact tracking process will be further enhanced through the implementation of a TraceTogether-only SafeEntry registry, which replaces the previous SafeEntry registry. Under TraceTogether-only SafeEntry, sign-in must be done using the TraceTogether App or TraceTogether token by:
  • Individuals can scan QR codes in this area by using their own TT app
  • Display your own TTToken so that venue staff can scan the TTToken's QR code. Tapping someone's TT App or TT Token on a SafeEntry Gateway device
  • Using this system, companies can use data from government sources to verify user identity to facilitate their contact tracking efforts when needed. SafeEntry currently only works through the methods described above and is considered appropriate procedures and controls to enable or facilitate contact tracing to meet legally required security management measures, except where certain specific methods are required by specific restrictions or conditions.
As of May 17, 2021, all workplaces authorized to operate (including offices, factories, etc.) must implement TraceTogether-only SafeEntry check-in,
will replace the SafeEntry check-in to record the occupancy of their employees and contractors in order to meet the safety management measures required by law.
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The government requires the following venues to use the TraceToghther SafeEntry check-in system and planning legal policies: There are the following venues
  • Wedding sites
  • Funeral venues
  • Schools and training institutions
  • Health care facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, Chinese medicine clinics, paramedical facilities
  • Residential and community care settings, nursing homes, geriatric activities, and geriatric care centers
  • Vaccination centers, throat swab centers, rapid testing centers
  • Religious facilities
  • Hotels and motels
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Retail personal and catering
  • Food markets and hawker centers
  • Cultural and entertainment venues
  • MICE event venues
  • Government public service centers
  • Construction and ship processing sites
  • Cruise ships

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Huifan's facial recognition products and TraceTothter integration solution


How to register for Safe Entry on RA08T facial recognition machine

Step 1: First you need to have a facial recognition machine, we have two versions, one with temperature measurement facial recognition machine RA08T, one is without temperature measurement facial recognition machine RA08
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Step 2: After you have a facial recognition machine, you need to register an account
SafeEntry registration and login process
1. Agree to get machine permission
2. Enter your cell phone number to get the verification code
3. After passing the registration is complete, end
After the above two steps, the registration process of Safe Entry is finished, isn't it very simple?
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Temperature screening with TraceTogether and SafeEntry

How do you combine TraceTogether and SafeEntry with the mandatory temperature screening for entering public places?
Fortunately, many developers are inventing a device that can measure temperature and integrate it with TraceTogether and SafeEntry at the same time.
In addition, the device can differentiate between employees and visitors, so managers can measure both the employee's temperature and the visitor's body temperature.
When a visitor visits a place, the device takes the temperature and provides a QR code that the visitor needs to scan when checking in/out.
For internal use, the device has the following features.
  • 1 second facial recognition, even with masks/forced masks
  • Automatic non-contact temperature measurement
  • Works 100% in the cloud, so you don't have to worry about secure data storage and backup
  • Real-time notifications to HR teams
  • Integrated solution - works with time and attendance management, HR systems, payroll and leave systems
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