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Biometric Application in NGO Healthcare

                                                           Biometric Application in NGO Healthcare

                                                                   healthcare, fingerprint identification, HIV, AIDS, NGO

Now in last mile villages in India, many mothers don't realize the importance of antenatal care visits and vaccines, or how many times are needed before and after birth. Without reliable health records, clinical decision making is erroneous and inefficient at the point of care where connectivity is rarely available.


A digital & biometric smart solution makes medical history quite easy. HFsecurity provides a device for this meaningful application. It can read Digital necklace(NFC chip inside), customized for each child, and biometric verification for health staff, who would be responsible for the clinical treatment and record. After 13 months implement, The survival rate of babies has been greatly improved by 19.6%. It also has improved the efficiency of medical staff, who can manage 500 children per month, from 120. It makes convenience to NGOs too. They have a better idea of what vaccines and medicines to buy for the next phase. NGO donors can also access the system, then they will have a better idea of what their money is used for. 


A similar solution has been applied for HIV vaccination, refugee food management, etc. It is HFSecurity's goal that more and more people can benefit from our biometric solution.